Effective as of: 01/03/2017
Consumer Loan Rate Schedule
*Actual Rate May Vary with Individual's Credit History
These rates may be superseded by current loan specials.
Signature Loans 13.50013.50042 months
New Auto/Trucks 2.992.99 Up to 84 months100% A.S.P.***
Demonstrators Vehicles (up to 36,000miles) 2.992.99 Up to 72 months90% A.S.P.
Used Auto/Trucks (2014-2015-2016)4.504.5072 monthsNADA Loan
Used Auto/Trucks (2011 -2012-2013)4.504.5060 monthsNADA Loan
Older Used Auto/Misc.6.506.5036-48 monthsNADA Loan
20106.506.5048 monthsNADA Loan
2009 and Older 6.506.5036-42 monthsNADA Loan
New Travel Trailers 5.505.5054-72 months95% A.S.P.
Used Travel Trailers 6.006.0024-60 months85% Appr Val
Miscellaneous 7.257.25 Varies80% A.S.P.
New Chain saws, Gererators, Welding Machines6.256.25 Varies100% A.S.P.***
Used Chain saws,Generators, Welding Machines6.256.25 Varies95% Appr. Val.
New Boats, Motors and Trailers
up to $5,0003.753.7536-42 months90% A.S.P.
$5,000 - $10,0003.753.7548-54 months90% A.S.P.
$10,000 - $24,999 3.753.7560 months90% A.S.P.
$25,000 and up 3.753.7572 months90% A.S.P.
Used Boats, Motors and Trailers
up to $5,0004.754.7524-36 months80% Appr Val
over $5,0004.754.7542 months80% Appr Val
New Household Appliances 7.007.0036 months90% A.S.P.
New Lawn Mowers (up to $5,000)5.505.5036-42 months90% A.S.P.
Used Lawn Mowers 6.006.0036 months80% Appr Val
New Tractor ($5,000 and up)4.754.7536-48 months100% A.S.P.***
New Tractor (over $10,000)4.754.75100% A.S.P.***
Used Tractors 5.505.5036-42 months95% Appr Val
New Four Wheelers/Hunting Buggies5.505.5024-42 months90% A.S.P.
Used Four Wheelers/Hunting Buggies5.505.5024-42 months90% Appr Val
New Motorcycles3.993.9936-60 months90% A.S.P.
Used Motorcycles5.505.5054 months80% Appr Val
Shares/CD Secured 3% over acct rate** Varies100% Amount in Account
1APR = Annual Percentage Rate
ASP=Actual Selling Price
Appr Val=Appraised Value
**Share/CD Secured 3% over Account rate
***Not to Exceed MSRP
Signature Loans: Maximum amount based on the length of membership at the credit union. Please Contact Us at the credit union for more details. Collateral Loans Fees UCC1 $25.00 and Title App Fees $20.00 Effective Sept. 1, 2017
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